What’s new in Expressive Animator v0.3.0

In this version, we added four types of awesome-looking gradients, support for individual animators, options for snapping, ruler, grid, and guides, updated cursors, as well as bug fixes.

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Choose between 4 types of gradients:

  1. Linear gradient
  2. Radial gradient
  3. Radial gradient with focal point
  4. Sweep gradient, aka Conical gradient

Each gradient comes with its own specific set of properties that can be animated and three spread methods, Pad, Repeat, Reflect.


Individual animators

This feature comes in handy when you quickly want to add animators to your elements without using the Record Keyframes feature.

It’s also showing what animators are available for the selected elements.


Snapping, ruler, grid and guides options

The options were added on the top bar, and now you can easily toggle snapping and all the other useful options that allow you to work more precisely.

Top bar options

Updated cursors and bug fixes

The select tool got a new cursor, and all of the cursors were updated to look as good as possible on all displays.

Refactored UI color components, timeline glitches were fixed, as well as other minor bugs.

Expect more awesome features in the next version!