New: dotLottie animation exports are now available

Expressive Animator v2024.1 is out, and it brings some valuable features like the ability to copy graphic objects as SVG and to export animations in dotLottie format.

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The newly added features and export capabilities solidify Expressive Animator's status as one of the most feature-complete vector animation software available on the market, making it a must-have tool in the arsenal of every motion designer.

For those who are not familliar with Lottie, dotLottie is an open-source animation format that simplifies the distribution of Lottie animations by aggregating and compressing them into a single playable file.

Expressive Animator makes it easy to create advanced vector animations once and export them in multiple vector formats like SVG, Lottie, and now dotLottie. It also supports exporting animations as GIFs or MP4 videos, covering a wide range of use cases.