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Expressive Canvas is a visual design tool meticulously crafted to unleash your creative expression with flawless accuracy down to the pixels.

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Play to your strengths

Draw and edit
vector graphics

Whether you're a professional designer or an aspiring artist, our app provides the tools and features to craft stunning vector illustrations, logos, icons, and more.

Pen and Shape tools

Node tool

Boolean operations

Node types

Organize your work 🔜

Same document,
multiple artboards

Say goodbye to clutter and embrace the seamless experience of creating, organizing, and iterating on multiple artboards, all within a single document.

Artboard tool

Export artboards



Focus on what you do best

Create more,
deliver faster

Speed up your vector graphics creation and digital design by making the most of our powerful built-in tools and features for precision and flexibility.

Enter object context

Draw inside

Pixel preview

Wireframe mode

We got you covered

Versatility from
start to finish

Access your existing work through a wide range of import options, and efficiently deliver your vector assets in multiple formats.

Everything you need

Built-in essential tools and features

Expressive Canvas comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools to unleash your creativity.

Gradient Tool & Editor
Bring richness and depth to your artwork with seamless gradient customization.
Grid, Ruler & Guides
Attain design precision and perfect alignment for flawless compositions.
Filters and Effects
Apply filters and effects to your designs to create unique engaging content.
Style & Color Picker
Instantly match and transfer styles from one element to another with ease.
Blend Modes
Achieve captivating design compositions with blend modes for unique effects.
Snap Options
Design with precision and efficiency choosing from a list of snapping options.

Power your creativity with our easy-to-use digital design app