Expressive Animator

The industry standard tool for SVG animation

Create advanced SVG animations that run anywhere without plugins, players, or JavaScript code embedded.

Compatible with all desktop platforms

Import and animate

Bring motion
to your design

Add captivating storytelling to your web designs and other digital products.


Get state-of-the-art tools for importing, editing, and animating SVG icons and illustrations.

PDF & Ai

Import and transform PDF and Adobe Illustrator vector graphics into appealing motion experiences.


Bring your Figma designs and animate them to better showcase your product or services.

Stop being forgettable

Create memorable
social media content

Make your social media posts more eye-catching
by adding animation that captures viewers' attention.

Video export

Create captivating animations and share them with the world in a video format.

Animated image export

Use APNGs and Animated GIFs to create engaging and visually appealing social media stories.

Custom artboard sizes

Customize your artboard size or choose from a range of predefined options, tailored to your needs.

Enhanced productivity

vector animations

Get total control over keyframes with our productivity tools designed to bring your work to life easier and faster.

Easing editor

Create smooth organic animations by adjusting the timing and easing functions between keyframes.

Motion path

Animate an object to move on its own editable non-linear path or use any path you created as its motion path.

Object visibility bar

Move the object's keyframes all at once and set its visibility area on the Timeline.

Powerful vector tools

Illustrate your creative ideas

Take advantage of our professional vector tools to deliver exceptional results faster and more intuitively than ever.

Pen and Shape tools

Create geometrically perfect shapes with minimum effort and real-time preview.

Boolean operations

Seamlessly merge, subtract and divide multiple elements to form intricate vector shapes.

Mask and Clip path

Apply masks and clip paths to achieve creative effects and visually striking compositions.

Captivate and inspire

Typography at
your fingertips

Make your message strong and memorable. Explore everything from text placement and arrangement to complete control over local fonts.

Text tool & typography

Control everything from the appearance and position of text, to size, line height, letter spacing and more.

Local fonts

Get complete and unrestricted access to local fonts even when working in the browser.

Font preview

Gain a visual edge with font preview, exploring diverse typographic styles before making your design choice.

Share your work with the world

Export options
for all your needs

Enjoy a wide range of export options that enable you to
efficiently deliver your animations in multiple formats
Svg File
Lottie File
Apng File
Gif File
Mp4 File
Webm File
Everything you need

Built-in essential
tools and features

Expressive Animator comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools to unleash your creativity.

Gradient Tool & Editor

Bring richness and depth to your artwork with seamless gradient customization.

Grid, Ruler & Guides

Attain design precision and perfect alignment for flawless compositions.

Filters and Effects

Apply filters and effects to your designs to create unique engaging content.

Timeline Filtering

Focus on selected or non-animated objects with our innovative filtering feature.

Blend Modes

Achieve captivating design compositions with blend modes for unique effects.

Snap Options

Design with precision and efficiency choosing from a list of snapping options.

Make your design stand out with SVG animations

Add captivating motion and storytelling to all your digital products, from websites to mobile apps.

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